The Right Test Automation Service for Your Mobile App’s Bottom Line

I talked about why Test Automation is important in your mobile app business but now I want to talk about how to choose the right test automation service. When choosing a test automation service it is important to make sure that the service you’ve selected can offer you a number of qualities. The most important qualities of a testing service can be boiled down to a select few things. First, you need to make sure that your tests are supervised by humans on some level. Second, you need to make sure that your test procedure can be flexible. Third, you want to make sure that the inputs required from the development team aren’t demanding. Fourth, you need to be certain that the service that you have chosen can give you a response as quickly as possible. Finally, you need to be certain that your app is being tested on real devices.


  1. Human supervision is integral in the testing process. Consider that issues when running a test can vary. When issues occur, it can be due to some sort of bug, a missing resource, or even internet connection issues. Without people fact checking the issue and creating detailed reports of essential information, your test results could be inaccurate and therefore useless when it comes time to fix your compatibility problems. Determining the actual efficacy of an app requires that someone organize the results and ensure that they live up to established standards. Human supervision is as important as it has ever been, and no line of code will change that.


  1. Having a test procedure that allows you to test whatever you want is of the utmost importance. Often times a developer will know their apps weakness’ and want to target them, having the flexibility to build a test plan that targets these things is your first priority. A rigid test plan, built by committee, will not achieve this and will leave many areas of your application lacking the proper amount of scrutiny. Having a test plan that you build yourself that can then be tested across hundreds of devices, in the exact way that you have chosen, is ideal.


  1. A development team is usually very busy. It is not a good thing when a development team is burdened by complicated interaction or tedious transactions to make the test automation service work properly. As mentioned above, a customizable test plans is very important, however, it’s not worth it when it requires a lot of involvement from the development team. We know that there are services in the market which require users to create their test plan on a complicated user interface, using up as much as a full day to even setup a test plan properly. Mobile game development and publishing is a very time-sensitive business. Developers and publishers have to release new builds frequently in order to engage their users with new content. The goal is to find a service which does not require your development team to have any kind of time-consuming involvement in the test automation process. The best kind of service would allow you to communicate your needs directly, one that has a real person on the other end. When you communicate with a real person to set up a test plan, you can just tell him/her verbally, email a written test plan, or merely send a video showing exactly what you want to be tested.


  1. I mentioned the mobile gaming business is very time-sensitive, so the service that is chosen should be extremely responsive. If the service you choose can’t deliver in a timely manner, it will disturb your tight release schedule and it might affect your marketing plan. An automation service should give a window of around 48 hours. This will allow for any major issue to be responded to within a practical timeframe.


  1. No matter which service you choose, your app has to be tested on a real device. Emulation will never be a proper substitute for a real device. An emulation is just a rough estimation of what a piece of hardware can do which means that even if the test goes well, you cannot be 100% sure it will actually work on a real device. Testing on real hardware makes it so that the test results are substantially more precise.


All of these qualities are essential when choosing the right test automation service. Cocos Test Automation was created with all of these factors in mind. Cocos Test Automation is supervised by humans who create regular reports and monitor the entire process. Cocos Test Automation Allows for complete flexibility when it comes to test plans for your app, giving developers total freedom as to what they want to test. Cocos Test Automation does not require some stringent, complex test plan. Creating a test plan can be as simple as submitting a video of the things that need to be tested or simply talking to a representative via email about what you want to have checked by the service. Cocos Test automation also offers a 48 hour response window so that a problem can be verified and resolved as quickly as possible. Lastly, Cocos Test Automation uses all real devices.


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