A Great Event to Meet the Right People for your Success in the China Market

A Great Event to Meet the Right People for your Success in the China Market

After my previous article about the strategy that helps you succeed in China mobile game market was posted, there are people asking me about the upcoming GMGC Beijing. While GMGC will be held at China National Convention Center in Beijing very soon in March 16th to 17th, I would like to take the chance to talk about GMGC so that people won’t miss this great opportunity to meet the important influencers to launch your next big game in the juicy China mobile market.

GMGC hosts multiple gaming & technology conferences throughout the year. It is also the fastest growing game event in China and an international platform that gathers industry trends and ideas for people to explore. GMGC Beijing has been working on hosting several big names in the game industry for the past five years. To name a few, there were Baidu, EA, Tencent, Samsung, Xiaomi, Gameloft, Google, Paypal, and App Annie shared their minds via this platform.


Source: GMGC 2016


As people in Chinese market become increasingly interested in the oversea markets, the number of investment and M&A deals between Chinese companies and Western ones also grows (*). GMGC provides the bridge to build international business partnership in the industry. In this year, GMGC is going to expand the conferences into more locations, and roll out new tracks and initiatives to cater to the rising dominance of technology that introduces new formats of game. The expansion and the new approaches attract more than 200 speakers and 15,000 industry professionals from over 35 countries, and many other great people in the industry to network with via speaker series, panel discussions, and forums.

The theme of the upcoming GMGC Beijing is “Connecting Future”, presents an internationally connected gaming ecosystem. Among all the benefits GMGC brought to the participants , the specialized matchmaking session to establish partnerships for publishers and developers from different countries is one of the most inspiring parts. So other than sharing the latest industry insight, for those who have plans to enter China game market, the matchmaking session is the gate opens for you to start a conversation with right people.

* How China Powerhouses Are Entering the West via M&A and Investment


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About Seasun Inc 

Seasun is a leading Chinese online games publisher focused on creating high quality games/game engines that push the boundaries of player experience in action entertainment. The company is also involved in small-medium sized investments for game studios worldwide. We have recently started up our U.S. studio in Redwood City, CA to create top quality content for the western market.

Seasun has shipped many successful titles, including the popular MMORPG series JX (http://jx3.xoyo.com/), the MMOARPG titles First Myth (http://fs.xoyo.com/index1) and CQ (http://cq.xoyo.com/), along with our FPS MAT (http://xd.xoyo.com/). The “JX” series has grossed more than $250 million and has achieved a daily active user count of 3.3 million. We are currently building a special team of highly talented people to create the technology for our next-generation MMOARPG at this studio.

About Magic Fuel Games 

Founded in 2015 and based in San Francisco’s East Bay, Magic Fuel Games is focusing on developing games that capture the imagination of players. With a core team of industry veterans, bringing decades of development and AAA experience from games that have captivated gamers around the world. The company’s Series A was funded by Seasun Inc in February 2016 and has been growing its team and developing its 1st product since then.

About Kingsoft

Kingsoft, Seasun’s parent company, is publicly traded in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 3888) with market value of 3.8 billion USD. Kingsoft has created 3 other subsidiaries alongside Seasun: Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM), WPS Office, and Kingsoft Cloud Service. Kingsoft has over 4,000 employees worldwide.


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