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China leads global gaming market
In my previous article, I talked about the revenue of China gaming market in 2015 reached 21.71 billion. This time I would like to extend this topic a little bit more. First of all, the latest figure updated by Newzoo is 22.23 billion. You might wonder how much 22.23 billion […]

China Becomes Global Gaming Market Leader and ESports Business Takes Off [Report]

Reading a few reports and articles about new graduates in China entering the gaming industry, I noticed the preference of different positions in game career is different between US and China. MyCOS (China Occupational Skills) published Chinese College Graduates’ Employment Annual Report (1), which drew a lot of attention from […]

Game Career Becomes the First Choice for New Graduates in China [Reports]

Growing Non-Pirated Gamer in China Gaming Market 1
Piracy has long been a big issue in China gaming market. For quite some time, China has been the total flip-side of the US when it comes to innovation. People in China view that individual rights don’t matter (1). On top of that, the system of intellectual property rights protection […]

Growing Population of Gamers Playing Non-Pirated Games in China