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Humanity in Game Companies
For some time, I thought about writing business topics such as management aspects in the game industry instead of purely game related topics. I decided to start with this one after I read a tragic news recently. A young Chinese Overwatch fan who died the day before the game’s release […]

Humanity in Game Companies

We have talked about the product lifecycle in previous post (1). Game, just like other products, progresses through the sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity, and decline. Things that make a game different is the duration of the cycle and the size of the audience. Take World of […]

How to Create a Sustainable MMORPG – Part 1

How to Survive The IP Mania in The Game Industry 2016 2
As mentioned in my previous blog post, the concept of “IP” is dominating the mobile game space, even the entire game industry*. All the players in game industry have their opinion towards IP nowadays. A “strong IP,” of course, is hot topic in these conversations. While everyone is talking about […]

How to Survive The IP Mania in The Game Industry 2016

Reading a few reports and articles about new graduates in China entering the gaming industry, I noticed the preference of different positions in game career is different between US and China. MyCOS (China Occupational Skills) published Chinese College Graduates’ Employment Annual Report (1), which drew a lot of attention from […]

Game Career Becomes the First Choice for New Graduates in China [Reports]