A Look Back at 2017 Game Industry [Report] 1
As new year started, let’s look back to some facts and trends of year 2017. According to Newzoo, the revenue of global game industry reached $109 billion. Compared to around $70 billion in 2012, 2017 annual revenue of the global game industry makes a 56% growth in five years (1). Global […]

A Look Back at 2017 Game Industry [Report]

Revenue of China Game Market in USD (Billions)
Thanksgiving is around the corner, I believe it’s a right time to refresh how’s the game industry doing in the first half of 2017. This time, I want to focus on the China market as it’s one of the most important markets for game developers no matter where you come […]

Trends of China Game Market and Strategies You May Consider (Report)

Chinese Martial Arts Become the Top Preference for China Mobile Gamers
Recently, Teebik released 2015 Global Mobile Gaming Industry Report. The report shows the fact that the number of mobile gamers in China is 383 million, with 115 million of paid users.   2015 Gamers Scale in China (Source: Teebik, 2015) There are 9 RPG games in the total 26 games […]

Chinese Martial Arts Becomes the Top Preference for China Mobile Gamers [Report]

China leads global gaming market
In my previous article, I talked about the revenue of China gaming market in 2015 reached 21.71 billion. This time I would like to extend this topic a little bit more. First of all, the latest figure updated by Newzoo is 22.23 billion. You might wonder how much 22.23 billion […]

China Becomes Global Gaming Market Leader and ESports Business Takes Off [Report]