The Best Way to Integrate SDKs into your Mobile Game

My last article discussed the challenges that game developers and service providers face towards SDK integration. Among the several services in the market that provide solutions to make SDK integration process easier, Cocos SDKBOX by Chukong Technologies is the most promising one. Cocos SDKBOX smoothly manages all aspects of SDK implementation, from the SDK itself to documentation, sample code, testing functionality, as well as support and developer community functions. In order to better understand how Cocos SDKBOX works to provide the best SDK integration service you need, we will continue with a high-level overview of how Cocos SDKBOX actually works:

Step 1: Service providers will provide information and assets regarding the service they provide.

Step 2: Cocos engineers will develop a service bundle for each service provider’s service with the following contents: plugin for corresponding service in C++, Javascript and Lua, sample code using the plugin, and documentation.

Step 3: Service providers’ services will be tested with SDKBOX’s test automation framework to ensure the service and its bundle meets quality standard for integrating with Cocos2d-x game engine.

Step 4: After ensuring the bundle meets quality standard, the service will be listed on SDKBOX’s website for game developers to use. Cocos engineering team will provide forum support to service providers and game developers at

What helps Cocos SDKBOX stand out from the other, similar services? Cocos SDKBOX offers you many advantages over other services, such as:

  • No Hidden Cost: Cocos SDKBOX is totally free for game developers.
  • Professional certification: Cocos engineers will provide professional certification to participated services that the integration of that service with Cocos games reaches an acceptable standard of quality, so that developer can complete the integration smoothly and successfully.
  • Great Support: If a developer runs into an issue, the dedicated Cocos Engineering support team, along with the large and active Cocos2d-x Community will provide detailed and quick help, saving you time, money and trouble.
  • Full Set of Test Harness: You will receive a full set of test harness, including sample codes, playable apps, and test accounts. The developer should be able to follow easily.
  • Popular Service Catalog: Cocos SDKBOX can help you find the right service to use in your game by providing a service catalog that includes the most popular and highly rated services for developers to browse, compare, and research services in different categories.
  • Installer Package: To save you time, Cocos SDKBOX also provides an installer package to drastically reduce integration time of any participated SDK.
  • Flexibility: Cocos SDKBOX is flexible and easy to use, as it also works for any version of the game engine you are using, C++ or Javascript or Lua.

Cocos SDKBOX currently supports most third-party services, as listed:

Cocos SDKBOX is currently only available for Cocos2d-x developers (for all C++ or Javascript or Lua). Getting access to Cocos SDKBOX is easy! Simply join the Cocos2d-x community today, and take advantage of the many opportunities from Cocos2d-x and Cocos SDKBOX. Cocos2d-x is an open-source game framework written in C++, with a thin platform dependent layer. Cocos 2d-x is a popular tool used to build games, apps and other cross platform GUI based interactive programs. Best of all: Cocos2d-x is completely free!

Cocos SDKBOX is the best service you can use for SDK Integration. Our supports include Andy Vella, Senior Director of Engineering at Big Fish Casino. In the words of Vella, “the Cocos2d-x team has taken a smart approach to decreasing the impact of SDK maintenance with SDKBOX and they have been very receptive to feedback. We’re excited to explore the possibilities this new framework offers for simplifying the SDK integration across multiple platforms in Big Fish Casino.” For the smoothest and most efficient SDK process integration, Cocos SDKBOX is your best choice.

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