China Surpassed Japan in iOS App Store Revenue to Become No.2 Worldwide (Report)

China Surpassed Japan in iOS App Store Revenue to Become No.2 Worldwide

Latest report from App Annie reveals that revenue from China iOS App Store kept robust throughout Q1 2016, and surpassed Japan for the very first time. The remarkable increase on revenue makes China iOS App Store the second largest revenue generator, which is estimated to surpass US iOS App Store very soon.

Going through a long period of growing, China’s iOS revenue leapt nearly 2.2 times in Q1 2016 compared to Q1 2015, and no slow-down trend shown.


Top 3 Countries by Quarterly iOS App Store Indexed Revenue (App Annie 2016)


“China leapt ahead of Japan on the revenue rankings thanks to its legions of mobile gamers.” According to App Annie. A large portion of the growth came from MMORPG in-game purchases.

Top 3 Countries by Quarterly iOS App Store Games Indexed Revenue (App Annie 2016)


Currently the results of the three top market players, US, China, and Japan, are not very distant from each other. Estimators expect to see another leap of China’s iOS revenue to surpass US in 2017.

I personally feel very positive to this trend. In fact, I am glad to see this as an improvement of the overall environment in the China game market, as China once was the one of the countries with the most severe issue of piracy. Game developers in China or those getting into the China market had a very tough time running their products during those days. You can read more about the growing population of gamers playing non-pirated games in China here.


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Seasun has shipped many successful titles, including the popular MMORPG series JX (, the MMOARPG titles First Myth ( and CQ (, along with our FPS MAT ( The “JX” series has grossed more than $250 million and has achieved a daily active user count of 3.3 million. Our first game for the western market is Relics of Gods ( We are currently building a special team of highly talented people to create the technology for our next-generation MMOARPG at this studio.

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Kingsoft, Seasun’s parent company, is publicly traded in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (SEHK: 3888) with market value of 3.8 billion USD. Kingsoft has created 3 other subsidiaries alongside Seasun: Cheetah Mobile (NYSE: CMCM), WPS Office, and Kingsoft Cloud Service. Kingsoft has over 4,000 employees worldwide.


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