Best Mobile Genre for your Next Mobile Project with China Mobile Game Market Data Update (Report) 1

Best Mobile Genre for your Next Mobile Project

TalkingData revealed the latest report regarding China mobile game industry benchmark of March and April 2016. The analysis and comparison of data will help demonstrating a clear trend of the market and provide some insight of the nonstop growing mobile game industry in China. This  updated trend reinforced my opinion about the promising mobile game genres in China market, so I would like to give some tips of the genre your team should focus on for your next mobile project.

In April 2016, RPG still stands out of all the game genres for its pay rate. The RPG pay rate keeps stable on Android platform and increased on iOS platform from 4.92% in March to 4.95% in April. For both of the platforms, pay rates of other game genres also maintain their ranking with slightly changes shown, which are all within 0.1%.


Pay rate of China mobile game genres, April (left) and March (right) (TalkingData 2016)


The top three game genres on average DAU/MAU ranking are Board Game, Card Game, and RPG. Each reaches 0.15,0.15, and 0.14 on Android platform, and 0.17, 0.16, and 0.16 on iOS platform in April. Compared to data from previous month, the overall trend maintains flat. The top three genres, Board Game, Card Game, and RPG keeps stable with a slight increase from 0.15 to 0.16 shown on average DAU/MAU of Board Game on Android platform.


Average DAU/MAU of China mobile game genres on iOS, April 2016 (TalkingData, 2016)


On top of that, a noticeable increase on monthly active user falls to Action Game genre on iOS platform, 18.27% compared to 17.55% in March, while other genres slowed down their growth or even dropped slightly.


Monthly active users of China mobile game genres, April (left) and March (right) (TalkingData 2016)


Day-one retention on both platforms keeps its stable position. The two highlighted growths are Strategy Game and RPG on iOS platform, each increase from 27.77% in March to 29.39% in April, and 30.35% in March to 30.77% in April.


Day-one retention of China mobile game genres on iOS, April (left) and March (right) (TalkingData 2016)


While Android platform does not show a good performance on average time spent, iOS platform has Action Game and RPG holding their growing trend. Each increased from 995 seconds in March to 1,027 seconds in April, and 1008 seconds in March to 1,015 seconds in April.


Average time spent of China mobile game genres on iOS (in seconds), April (left) and March (right) (TalkingData 2016)


The data and analysis above still feature RPG and Action Game as very promising game genres. Meanwhile, Strategy Game and Card Game also give impressive performance compared to other genres. Considering all the factors above including pay-rate, day one retention, stickiness, active user rate, and average time spent, for mobile game production team to create a new game, my personal first choice is a game with genre of RPG + Action, and second choice would be Strategy + Card with some RPG elements.


You can download the original TalkingData 2016 March report in Chinese here

You can download the original TalkingData 2016 April report in Chinese here


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