Crash Analytics is Essential for Mobile Game Developers

During my tenure with Chukong Technologies I have seen mobile developers struggle with issues related to crashing, the fragmentation of the Android market, and a lack of good resources to track and manage their biggest problems. Testin Crash Analytics can address all of these issues. Now, developers can track all of their crashes with ease. Now, developers can view usage and device statistics like never before. Now, all of this can be managed through one intuitive dashboard.


Fishing Joy 3 is probably the best immediate example. Since its release in China, The Fishing Joy series has accumulated over 60 million month active users.


“Before Testin Crash Analytics, it was a challenge for third-party crash analytic tools to present an efficient way to find comprehensive crash information with multi-dimensional data for mobile games. With Testin Crash Analytics’ help, we were finally able to quickly identify and fix problems and improve users’ experience.” — Shaoqiang Fan, Producer of the Fishing Joy series


Testin Crash Analytics allows the issues that producers face to be more transparent and manageable. Originally, the Fishing Joy team spent large amounts of time collecting crash information to properly analyze their product. After installing the Testin Crash Analytics Service information was easily accessed through the Testin Crash Analytics dashboard —saving the team time to create more functions and release new versions faster.


Testin also allows a kind of unique support that no other crash analytics can by being the only service that is custom-made for mobile games, capable of capturing game engine errors. Testin Crash Analytics is the only mobile gaming focused service, and the only service that supports not only Cocos but every other leading game engine. This offers the producer or developer more options than any other crash analytics service.


Android fragmentation is a massive problem and up until now the options for testing across a hugely fragmented market were limited. Often times developers ticketing systems would be bombarded by users claiming that their device doesn’t work with an app. Testin Crash Analytics helps to fix this issue. The Testin Crash Analytics team felt it was not enough to just locate the crashes and exceptions, so they implemented the ability to check different types of devices, versions of operating systems, CPU usage and Memory usage. For the first time, developers can truly pinpoint an issue.


Sometimes Developers will want to address the issues of their highest paying customers only to be completely unable to target that group of users because they don’t have the means to connect a given issue with a username. With Testin Crash Analytics you can see any users’ crash logs and address them.


Given all of this functionality, the features that Testin Crash Analytics offers both producers and developers, it’s easy to see a bright future for a service as essential as Testin Crash Analytics.


Mantin Lu

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